5 Ways a Digital ID Can Help Access Government Services

5 Ways a Digital ID Can Help Access Government Services

Right now, unlock your phone and count how many documents, certificates, Valid IDs, and other digitally saved items you have. Do you have a physical copy of your vaccination certificate with you? Do you have it on your phone or tablet? Or do you have it on your handheld?

Emergence of Digital ID

The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for digital innovation. Everything from classes, shopping, bills payment,  and even issuance of necessary documents have all transitioned to online platforms to limit physical contact and transmission of the virus.

Online platforms for whatever transaction have proven their convenience,  providing people with a wide range of options to conduct business regardless of timezone and location. However, irrespective of how convenient and efficient these online systems may be, many people may still opt to use traditional methods.

Digital ID Its Valuable Benefits

Digital ID: Its Valuable Benefits

In line with the rise of technology, institutions such as the government, banks, companies, and universities have produced identification cards to conveniently lend their services without the hassle of manually identifying their customers, employees, students or staff — this innovation is now called the Digital ID. This system is capable  of authenticating  an individual’s identity and giving them access to services.

Moreover, several billers and government sectors now require Digital IDs for loan applications, governmental processes, and purchasing transactions, among others.

In line with this, a group has concluded that Digital IDs are beneficial in developing the services of an online institution and reaching their customers’ satisfaction.


The Beneficial Advantages of Digital IDs

To help you learn more about how a Digital ID can be helpful for you, below are five ways a digital ID can help access government services:

1. Digital IDs are a portable way of self-verification. Just like how a regular identification card works, a digital ID is a portable kind of identification that an individual can present to any government service provider as long as all of the information is true and up to date. Additionally, it won’t take up much space as it is conveniently accessible on your mobile phones or any preferred devices.

2. Data Privacy is considered. Worrying about how institutions and online companies consider the privacy of your data is absolutely understandable with the rise of online fraudsters. However, people should worry less as companies collaborate with several frictionless data exchange service providers such as QServi to protect all the information stored online.

QServi is a credentialing company focused on documenting, verifying, and authenticating any document or ID such as health documents, driver’s license, university degree, house insurance, and a lot more!

3. It also has a digital wallet. Digital wallets are an innovative way of storing files, photos, and other personal documents online. It also paved the way for people to sync and share files without the hassle, as it can be accessed anytime. In addition, with digital wallets, individuals can be secured against fraud as their details are encrypted. Moreover, it can save a lot of time, money, and effort as people can access their digital wallets regardless of their geographic data.

4. Digital IDs act as a gateway for all government services. Most government sectors shifted to an online mode of transacting with their customers. For example, government services now allow loan, savings, and insurance applications online with the help of digital IDs. This process requires applicants to provide a copy of their identification cards for verification by taking a picture of both sides of the card. However, these activities may seem to be a hassle for some struggling with device issues, thus providing an unclear, if not unacceptable copy of their IDs. To avoid this experience, digital IDs are a perfect alternative for identification verification because they have more reliable and secure encryptions.

5. Digital IDs are versatile. Every digital ID can be utilized in different governmental transactions, which provides hassle-free negotiations. The versatility of digital IDs can be beneficial for individuals as they can issue multiple transactions using their digital IDs without applying for another one. Since digital IDs are versatile, they should ideally be reconcilable among other service providers.

Virtual or digital identification cards also have unique QR codes and other forms of authentication which can be used to eradicate the threats of identity fraud. Moreover, several companies work with reliable companies that provide the specific needs of a business or organization.

While every transaction is currently done online, the need for Digital IDs has now been a necessity. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic paved the door for digital advancement. The utilization of online platforms for any transaction has proven helpful, giving people various options for conducting business regardless of time zone or location. Moreover, Digital IDs made contactless transactions possible and more accessible.

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