Connected Vaccination Management Platform for Construction and Film/TV Production Industries

Connected Vaccination Management Platform for Construction and Film/TV Production Industries

Q Services and IHP Safety partner to improve personnel safety with a confidential, secure and fully integrated COVID diagnostics system.

Occupational health and safety specialists, IHP Safety is extending the Q Services connected data management and exchange platform to the Construction and Film/TV Production sectors, responding to employers’ need for a confidential, secure, and verifiable vaccination management system for employees.

The Q Services platform streamlines the verification and authentication of workers’ health credentials while ensuring that the user’s data is fully anonymised and secure. The system offers workforce protection and business continuity by minimising COVID-19 cases within an organisation, protecting the employees and regulating project and financial risks caused by delays.

IHP Safety’s Founder & CEO, Daniel Letizia, commented, “We are excited about the partnership between Q Services and IHP Safety. The first time I saw Q Services’s capabilities, it felt like the future was punching me in the face. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in an accelerated, new need and acceptance for portable, digital health credentials. This new world requires far more than the verification of being healthy. It requires balancing the control of our most personal, private information, with the ability to move through daily life, access points and security checks in a seamless, touch-less experience. Q Services’ ability to control personal information, report test results directly through the app, scale and accept other digital wallets makes it the ultimate solution to this new world and enables us to provide our clients with superior services.”

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, Founder & CEO at Q Services, commented on the partnership, saying “Digitisation is allowing individuals to take control of their health data. In the continuing fight to get back to normality in this Covid world, IHP and Q Services have partnered to enable businesses and organisations across the USA to open up their work or event environment with a secure and flexible digital wallet and supporting access systems. The health and safety of your people are at the centre of what we do, and the combination of IHP’s safety and testing expertise and experience with Q Services’s World Class secure technology gives any organisation the capability to provide that safety.”

A confidential solution that protects staff & contractors

Q-Link offers six comprehensive solutions, including COVID-19 Test Administration, Business Continuity, Vaccine Management, Connected RESTful Lab APIs, Automated Results Reporting, and a Connected Data Wallet, to give greater business oversight, monitoring, reporting and administration.

With its digital check-in/access management system, companies can create zonal areas and meet the requirement of regulators in their respective industries. This reduces the risk of disruption to filming and enables production staff in the film industry to work seamlessly across multiple sets and stages within studios. And it allows the construction industry to provide a safe workspace to manage the health and safety of their employees and third-party contractors securely and confidentially across multiple sites.

The connected diagnostics system reports COVID testing, performs contact tracing, provides vaccine status and is a test/vaccine management system. It instantly notifies an employee of their results and securely delivers the medical certificates to the user via their Q-Wallet smartphone app.

The Q-Link Authenticator (used by a site manager or security manager) verifies the medical test certificate presented by an individual from their Q-Wallet app. The authenticator will confirm that the test result is as it should be and belongs to the user showing it, ensuring the reduction of transmission on the site.

User-friendly, ultra-secure, highly scalable

IHP Safety chose Q Services as its partner as its system is user-friendly, ultra-secure, highly scalable and facilitates compliance with regulations and standards of practice relating to COVID-19.

The system empowers IHP Safety’s clients by providing them with analytics at a local and enterprise level, enabling them to ensure that every worker has been tested for COVID-19 before starting his or her shift.

Q Services’ cloud-based data infrastructure is highly flexible and designed for a high level of data interoperability at provincial, national, and global levels. This proven Authentication system will significantly benefit staff safety and standards of care for individuals in all types of businesses and industries.

film production

Q Services Co-Founder, Harmen Brenninkmeijer said of the partnership, “We are delighted to be partnering with Dan and the team at IHP Safety. Our partnership will enable businesses and their teams to action safety improvements that positively affect staff care and public safety.”

He added “Digital health technology solutions are becoming increasingly important as the world adjusts to living with COVID-19 and beyond. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is trust in the solution providers who manage data. It is important that personal data is squarely in the owner’s hands and that health technology providers build solutions that allow for self-sovereign identity. This is where Q Services can play a vital role in the transfer of personal health information between multiple parties. We provide the technology that is enabling us to move forward with one common goal of putting everyone in charge of their data.”

About IHP Safety

IHP Safety (Innovative Human Performance Inc.) is a full-service, occupational health and safety consulting firm that responds to the needs of all industries, with a focus on film and television production and construction.  In the current health and safety environment, IHP Safety is also focused on COVID-19 prevention, incident response, risk mitigation and access control solutions.

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